Community Mental Health Services

Family Services

Within all of our program areas, a range of treatment services including individual, family and group counseling is provided to children and their families within local communities. These services are provided to children who are living at home or youth living on their own in their communities, as well as to children who are in residential care.

Crisis/Intensive Services

This category of specialized treatment services includes:

Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST)
This evidence-based program works intensively with children and youth with extremely complex emotional, social and behavioural needs. Using aset of nine key principles, MST encompasses all aspects of children’s lives to assist them in addressing their specific needs and to be more responsible for their actions. The involvement of everyone in the lives of the children/youth in question (families, peers, school personnel, community members) play integral roles in the successful delivery of the program. MST is delivered within the home and local communities.

Families First™
This program delivers intensive, short-term services to families within their own homes. Often referred to as the ‘family preservation program’, Families First™ helps families learn new skills and problem solving techniques needed to allow children/youth to remain in
their own homes and prevent more costly out-of-home placement and potential
family breakdown.

Crisis Services
Crisis Services are programs that are supported by funding from the Ministry of Children & Youth Services and provided in collaboration with other agencies in local communities. Specifically, Kinark provides crisis response to children and families in York, Simcoe,
and Durham.

Residential Treatment
Children and youth in residential treatment are placed in home-like settings within communities. Child and Youth Workers, supported by other experienced professionals and clinicians, provide children’s daily care and facilitate individual plans of care. Wherever possible, parents/guardians join staff and children at mealtimes, during bedtime routines, during quiet and fun times, to ensure that these relationships are maintained and fostered, facilitating reintegration back home.

Education/Day Treatment
Kinark, in collaboration with local Boards of Education, offers education/day treatment in a number of our program areas. This service addresses the needs of children that cannot be met in the regular school system. The goal of the program is to reintegrate children back into their community schools or suitable alternatives as quickly and appropriately as possible.

STRIVE (Supporting Teenagers in Readiness for Independence, Vocation and Education)
STRIVE is designed to give youth who exhibit significant behavioural, social, or emotional difficulties skills training in order that they may succeed in mainstream educational or vocational settings. Offered in the Peterborough program, STRIVE provides a range of services including: community outreach, crisis intervention, one-to-one life skills instruction, and group programs for those at risk of depression and suicide.

STRIVE Program Video

Child Care
Kinark provides child care in six locations in the northern sector of York Region.
These centres provide care for children between the ages of 18 months and 12 years,
in programs including Nursery School, Kindergarten and Before and After School Programs.

Supervised Access Service
Kinark’s highly respected Supervised Access programs provide safe, neutral and accessible locations where children can be supported during visits with their parents who are involved in custody/access disputes. Funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General, Kinark provides supervised access in Simcoe and Muskoka, as well as the Central East Four County Area. Kinark also provides administrative support to the Toronto Supervised Access program.

Therapeutic Family Care
The Therapeutic Family Care service places children and youth with trained Treatment Parents and their Families. TFC is designed for children and youth who require greater structure and intensity of services than can be provided in their own family homes.
The program encourages the achievement of every child’s full potential by providing a stable and nurturing alternative family environment. Treatment parents work as part of a team with Kinark professionals, along with the child/youth and the natural parents.
Specific treatment plans for each young person are developed by the team and include permanent placement plans which, depending on the needs of the child/youth, may result in a return to the natural family, long-term family care, adoption, or independent living. Kinark is a licensed provider of foster care, and currently this program is available in Simcoe, York and Peterborough.
TFC families first and foremost are people who want to make a difference in the life of a child or youth By providing routine, structure, consistency and patience, children and youth are able to learn new skills like how to make friends, how to manage their emotions and express feelings or help them understand what it feels like to be listened to; to be heard.

Interested in becoming a TFC family in Peterborough County?
If you are interested in making a difference in a young person’s life, please contact:
Sylvia Davies
Phone: 705-742-3803 or 1-800-386-6561

Interested in becoming a TFC family in York Region or Simcoe County?
If you are interested in making a difference in a young person’s life, please contact:
Suzanne Gonsalves
Phone: 905-713-0700 ext. 3018

0-6 programs
Kinark remains involved in an array of new programs for young children and their families, often in collaboration with other agencies in the communities where we are located, such as Early Years Centres. 0-6 programs include the evidence-based services of ‘Incredible Years’ and ‘Right from the Start’ as well as Therapeutic Day Nursery programs and
Preschool Consultation.

Respite Programs
Responding to a strong and consistent message from parents with children / youth who are experiencing emotional and/or behavioural problems, Kinark offers Respite Relief services to families.. Respite services help to keep families intact and prevent more intrusive, costly, long-term, out-of-home placements. Within the program, there are a wide range of flexible respite options: parent-to-parent counseling, in-home relief, weekly outings, and short term out-of-home placements for children of families during critical moments of stress.

The SNAP® Model is a program for children aged 6 to 11 who are engaging in aggressive, antisocial behaviour and/or have come into contact with the police as a result of their behaviour.
Stop Now and Plan (SNAP®) is a manualized cognitive-behavioural program. SNAP® helps children and parents deal effectively with anger by teaching them how to respond in a way that makes their problems smaller, not bigger. With help and practice, children and parents are able to stop, calm down and generate positive solutions at the "snap of their fingers." A child and his family may participate in the following components, with the goal of preventing future antisocial behaviour and reducing the chances of future conflict with the law. Experienced and highly trained SNAP® staff work together with you to assess the problems and create an action plan.

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)
Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) is a multilevel family intervention program for the prevention and treatment of behavioural and emotional problems in preadolescent children. Triple P is the latest in the range of evidence-based practices to be offered at Kinark.
Triple P aims to prevent severe behavioural, emotional and developmental problems in children by enhancing the knowledge, skills and confidence of parents. The program has been proven to work effectively across a diversity of cultures, socio-economic demographics and family structures. Triple P is currently being piloted in York and Simcoe with a range of community partners.

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