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Admissions by Primary Worker List of clients admitted for a period by primary worker. 11/28/2005
Age Analysis Report Age statistics for all active clients for a time period by cost centre. Displays average age, max age and min age of active clients in each cost centre. 11/28/2005
Client Hours Summary Total service hours received by each client in each cost centre for a period. Broken down by Direct, Indirect and Other. 11/28/2005
Community Hours Summary Total community outreach service hours for a period, broken down by cost centre, service and major type. 11/28/2005
Gender Analysis Breakdown of gender of admitted clients for a period, by cost centre. 11/28/2005
Service Hours Type Summary Total service hours for each service hours type for a period, by cost centre 11/28/2005
Discharges by Primary Worker List of Discharged clients for a period, grouped by primary worker. One worker per page. 11/28/2005
Heritage Analysis Analysis of heritage for admitted clients for a period by cost centre. 11/28/2005
High Risk Referrals Report Listing of all high risk referrals for a period (high risk start date = referral date) 11/28/2005
Language Summary Report Primary language summary for clients referred in a period by cost centre. 11/28/2005
Referral Sources Report List of referrals in a period with referral sources 1/16/2005
Presenting Problems Summary Summary of presenting problems for admitted clients by cost centre for a period 11/28/2005
Discharges by Primary Worker List of discharged clients for a period grouped by Primary Worker 5/8/2006
Discharges by Service List of clients discharged from services for a period 8/8/2006